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TasorONE is the web service for linked data management and collaborative ontology development.
It helps you to connect, manage, analyze and publish data and knowledge in a more effective way.
TasorONE has a simple easy-to-use user interface optimized for distributed team projects.

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Introduction Video

Quick overview of things that TasorONE can do for you.

  • Video Preview Introduction


    Quick overview of things that TasorONE can do for you, and how.
  • video Preview for SPO

    Creating statements

    Creating domain statements can be simple or advanced, depending on your preferences
  • Video Preview Hierarchy

    Hierarchy Navigation

    Navigating over any type of hierarchy is very simple, no matter what is the size of hierarchy


Linked Data Publishing

Standard compliant data publishing platform makes your data instantly visible on the Linked Data Web.

Expose SPARQL endpoint

Every TasorONE Project is exported as a SPARQL endpoint. The endpoint encompasses data from all dataspaces included into the project.

Team work

Invite other people to participate in your project. Team members share the project's working dataspace, activity log, collection of links, application GUI configuration, and SPARQL queries created on the project.

Easy-to-use collaborative ontology editor

Intuitive but powerful user interface makes TasorONE easy-to-use for beginners as well as for advanced knowledge engineers. Ideal for heterogeneous distributed teams consisting of managers, ontology engineers, domain experts, software developers, as well as end users.

Your data - Your control

You decide where to keep your data:

  • Tasor triple-store
  • third-party cloud triple-store service
  • your private store


Manage access rights for your individual dataspaces. Project owner can assign read/update wrights to other project members.

Datasets management

Simple SPARQL interface can be used to slice-and-dice data into more compact and domain focused dataspaces. The queries can be saved for latter use and shared with other project members.

Create and populate knowledgebase

Your TasorONE project is your unified knowledgebase. Project members can create resources in the knowledgebase, whether Classes or Properties or Individuals, in a single mouse click.

Thesaurus and vocabulary management

Use W3C's Simple Knowledge Organization System (SKOS) based collaborative editor to empower your team in development of high-quality semantic metadata built upon open standards.


TasorSCAS Application Whitepaper

View PDF

TasorSCAS Whitepaper

View PDF

FAQ Frequently asked questionstop

Tasor is pronounced 'Ta-sor'.
Semantic Web is standard for promoting usage of semantic data in web application. RDF is standard for sharing this data. LinkedData is collection of semantic resources on the Web. OpenData are subset of this collection that are freely available to everyone to use and republish as they wish, without restrictions from copyright, patents or other mechanisms of control.
There are no defined limits of beta version, but you should be aware that bugs exist, not all functions are tested completely.
Yes it is. All data is stored on dedicated servers, mostly by third-party people that are only doing security and backups. We must warn you that we are not currently using HTTPs protocol.
We are currently supporting our own repository service and Dydra rdfStore service. If you have some other kind of rdfStore repository please tell us and we will look into it.
It has been recorded that registration confirmation email is found in spam folder, so please look it there. If you did not receive registration mail you can try to resend it on our registration page. For any other kind of problem please contact us via email .
You can contact us via email, , for any problem or feature request.


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